About Me

laurieI was born and raised in Calgary and for the past 17 years I have worked as a realtor. It is a great job but in Calgary, the market tends fluctuate frequently, and having the B and B to keep me busy, seems to be the perfect blend.

In 2000, our family of four was extremely fortunate to be transferred to Paris, France for two years. Our daughters, 10 and 12 at the time were enrolled in an International School and immersed instantly into a world of culture that was completely new and exciting to them.

My dream was to take cooking classes where I could to learn how to make everyday food with an International flair. I was so fortunate to find a private home west of Paris in a beautiful little town called Maison Lafitte. A wonderful lady who had obtained her Grand Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu taught 8 of us every Monday morning for two years. We were all expats and were hungry for knowledge and good food and we found both while sitting in her beautiful, bright kitchen.

In my second year, I supplemented her program with a two week intensive program at Le Cordon Bleu. My French was, as they say, pas suffisant, but with the help of others I completed the program and loved every second of it. I had to take three trains there and back which took an hour and a half travel each way. More than once I travelled home on the train with a duffle bag full of the food we had mastered that day. Once people in the course realized I lived locally and was not staying in a hotel, they gave me their food as well. My husband was so excited to come home from work each night to see what the “special” of the day was. I think he gained 5 pounds in two weeks.

We found ourselves with the opportunity for frequent travel, and took in as many countries as we could conceivably fit into a two year period. We stayed in B and B’s as often as possible and fell in love with the concept of staying in a real home and starting the day with a breakfast made just for us. We enjoyed talking with the hosts, and finding out what we should see and do in the area.

Todd and I have continued to travel extensively, and are always looking forward to our next adventure. We have not yet travelled to Central America or Ireland which we hope to do over the next few years.


Resident dogs Hobie and Alfie.

Resident dogs Hobie and Alfie.